Holidays on the Sunshine Coast with the little ones

Sunshine Coast Baby Hire

One of the main reasons people take holidays is to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Granted, taking little ones on a family holiday doesn’t exactly scream “relaxing getaway” …but you just need to think outside the box a little.

Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast is a wonderful place for a family holiday; the natural beauty of the area can often be relaxing in itself.

Having a baby or young toddler often determines the type of activities you’re able to do, but exploring some of the many scenic tracks, walk trails and lookouts truly are the best way to enjoy the area as a family.

Not too many prams can handle these activities, whether they’re too big and clunky, or they’re just not as easy to maneuver than you’d like.

But something like the Mountain Buggy Swift is the perfect solution – and doing a simple holiday hire in Noosa also saves you the hassle of travelling to the coast with your own.

Just think – you can navigate your way through Noosa National Park, taking in all the spectacular coastal scenery and pointing out all sorts of native wildlife to your little one along the way. You’re bound to spot some koalas, cockatoos or parrots.

Or perhaps you’re yearning for a leisurely stroll along the beach, close enough to the water to hear the waves rolling in and feel the sand between your toes. Whatever it is that helps you enjoy Noosa and enjoy a relaxing holiday is not as challenging to achieve with a baby in the pram, as you may have thought.

Going through all terrain effortlessly with big air-filled tyres does give the impression it’s going to big and clunky itself, but it’s not. The model we have in particular is ultra compact and easy to move about with.

As a parent, you can’t always find time to get up close with nature, but mountain strollers give you the freedom to go whenever you darn well please.

From prams to portacots, and everything in between, All Baby Hire has your Noosa holiday hire covered.