Teaching kids to read

Teaching Kids to Read

They say aliteracy is simply lack of the reading habit. So as a parent, your goal is to help your kids find a love for reading.

Teaching your child to read is a learning journey can begin within days of welcoming your newborn home. Not only is reading to your baby a special bonding time, but it also helps to instil in them a love for books.

As you progress through the learning experience, start to ask questions like, “Do you see the dog?” while pointing at the picture of the dog. This will not only develop their vocabulary, it will also encourage them to interact with the book and develop the ability to comprehend what’s being read

At this early age it’s also very beneficial to identify letters in natural setting. This can include spelling out their name with decal letters on their bedroom wall or door. Once they recognise their name very well, they start to point out other words with the same letters.

Likewise, you can start to look for letters while out and in the environment around you, such as on road signs, shops names and in magazines.

After they start to recognise letters visually, it’s then time to work on letter sounds, manipulating them within words and encouraging your child to sound out short words.

Creating children that want to read is an ongoing process. They should read daily and should be read to daily.

Fortunately when you’re on holidays, All Baby Hire can help you keep up with your story-time routine without the challenge of squeezing books in with your long list of things to pack.

Most locations offer books in packs of 10, so you’ll have a bunch of new books to continue reading with your child while you’re away – without the fuss.

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