The Pros and Cons of a Travel System

Travel system

Are you expecting a new arrival? Is your mind awash with various new products that you need to research and understand? Baby capsules, strollers, travel systems… Becoming a new parent is a wonderful period in your life, but it can be a steep learning curve. One of the most important decisions you will be making is how you are going to transport your baby. Will you be using a travel system or will you be buying a separate baby capsule / baby carrier and stroller? The options can seem endless.

Travel systems have become progressively popular over the last few years. But what is a travel system? Put simply, a travel systems is a buggy/frame with a detachable infant car seat, allowing you to move your baby from car to pram without waking or disturbing it.

Depending on the brand/system that you are looking at, the travel system could include a frame, baby capsule and base, carrycot and stroller components – allowing you to use the travel system from birth through to early childhood.

There are lots of points to consider. Think about your lifestyle and how you see yourself transporting your baby. Are you someone that uses your car quite a lot, getting your baby in and out of the car continuously? If so then a travel system may be the way to go.

What are the Pros of a Travel System?

  • You can move your baby from the car to the pushchair or even the house without waking them
  • You only need to make one purchase decision – you get pushchair / stroller, baby capsule and carrycot in one. Hence, the system changes as your baby changes
  • Your baby will be facing you in the pram allowing more opportunities to bond with your child
  • The carrycot can double up as a moses basket / bassinette
  • You can bundle your child up in the house placing them in the infant carrier before going outside

What are the Cons of a Travel System?

  • You will need to buy another car seat when you baby outgrows the baby capsule
  • They tend to be bulkier than a normal stroller

We love travel systems and the convenience they afford, but not at the cost of your child’s safety. Make sure that the capsule you are buying is a safe one. Some manufactures’ travel systems like Oyster just make the frame, carrycot and stroller and are compatible with various other baby capsules such as Maxi-cosi.

With our wealth of experience, All Baby Hire understands the importance of choosing the right travel system for you and are here to offer advice. We have a range of travel systems available for hire as well as baby capsules that are compatible with your existing system. Why not contact us today to find out our current availability for baby travel system hire.

Top Tip: Don’t leave baby in capsule for too long, even if the baby is sleeping. It is recommended no longer than 2 hours at a time as babies need to stretch and lie flat for bone development.